Calvin Klein Boxers

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Men's Boxer Underwear

Since 1982, CALVIN KLEIN underwear has been world renowned as a symbol of sensuality, bravery and progressive ideals. Worn by all who think bravely, from cultural icons to your everyday dynamo, CALVIN KLEIN underwear is the true embodiment of modern, body conscious and seductive style.

Introducing the men’s boxer shorts, the best underwear for men looking for a little more comfort and space. The best men’s boxers offer the space you need with just the right amount of fabric to give a clean and uncluttered look that also prevents bunching and rising. CALVIN KLEIN boxer shorts for men are designed with a form-fitting slim fit that maximizes comfort and style. Our boxers are knit or woven with 100% comfortable, lightweight cotton and come in solid colors and in graphic patterns. Show off a little more personality with logo patterned boxers or get straight to the point with our white boxer shorts or black boxer shorts.

Although boxer briefs or trunks may be better suited for skinny jeans and pants, CALVIN KLEIN boxers’ slim fit allows for a comfortable fit with slim fitting clothes. Boxers are especially suited for lounging in sweatpants or shorts, or wearing everyday with more relaxed fitting pants or jeans.